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A New Eyewear Generation. CHARMANT Z is a top-of-the-range eyewear brand by the Charmant Group, the global specialist in high-value titanium eyewear.

Z – the last letter of the alphabet – is symbolic of the ultimate, the conclusive and the defining moment of sublime design perfection, superlative innovation, cutting-edge technology and exceptional comfort brought to you by CHARMANT.

The Z brand philosophy “stepping into the next future” is embodied by the key image of a single product and a glint of light featured against a dark background. The beauty of simplicity is highlighted by the static texture of the carbon fibre piping.

Varying styles feature an intelligent 3-D design or a pure and progressive look utilising outstanding craftsmanship. Each product carries an elegantly highlighted red Z logo at the temples.

  • Model: CHARMANT Z