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Since our founding in 1929, as a company that handles products that function as part of our customers' bodies, we have been manufacturing and selling products with a high awareness and the best, and with all our heart.

 In order to deliver excitement to our customers, we have always pursued unique design ideas, and to date, we have acquired 40 design registrations and 20 patents, and we continue to create new common sense.

 In order to maintain the quality of satisfaction in texture, durability, and finish, all processes from processing to finishing in both the frame and case, made in pure Japan. i am particular about 0.1mm, 1° unit and make it. you can feel the real thing made with high technology unique to made in Japan.

 Normal eyeglass frames are fitted after the user tries on and selects them, so there is no scrutiny on the manufacturer's factory adjustment condition. however, Kanda adjusts, inspects, and ships all frames to match the general face of the person in the destination in order to reduce the discomfort at the time of try-on as much as possible.

 Instead of using ready-made tools as they are, we work in the best condition by cutting, polishing, deforming, or installing resin to make them the best shape to adjust different parts of the frame.


  • Model: KANDA