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Jonathan Paul

Jonathan Paul

Jonathan Paul® Fitovers Glasses has been in Australia since 1993 with the goal of developing sunglasses that can combat the fierce sunlight of Australia. Effective, comfortable and affordable, this revolutionary design, stylish and functional Jonathan Paul® Fitovers sunglasses quickly became popular with its innovative wrap-around styling. Throughout Australia and New Zealand, wearers of light dispensing glasses embraced Jonathan Paul® Fitovers' innovative design as the best way to address their need for sunglasses. In international demand, Jonathan Paul® Fitovers brand sunglasses are distributed all over the world, and as a result, they quickly gained a good reputation and became an innovator and leader in this unique eyewear category in the global market.

Jonathan Paul® continues to design the most suitable sunglasses for eyewear people. Maintaining our initial focus on comfort, quality and visual performance, we utilize state-of-the-art frame and lens technology to provide modern spectacle wearers with the most suitable sunglasses to meet their frame style and lifestyle needs.

as the originator of this unique style of sunglasses, we continue to be a leader in the evolution of style and performance in the field of sunglasses, designed for eyewear people.

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